Serving up a Fresh Food Marketing Campaign for the New Year

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Food Marketing Tips & Ideas for 2018

“A New Year, a New You”, isn’t just for you and a dusty gym membership. It is also a motto that can be used for your marketing. The great thing about that is you don’t need to feel guilty about wasting that gym membership.

The below are just some basic ideas on how you can freshen up your food marketing campaign for 2018.

1. Less is more…

Last year really set a trend about minimalism in marketing, and that trend is growing stronger in 2018! Designs that hark to a nostalgic era, keep design clutter to a minimum and puts the actual product front and centre. It is also time to keep clean, contrasting typography that allows for crisp edges and clear messaging.

2. Transparency

This will be the biggest aspect of food marketing this year. People want to know everything about what they put in their mouths. What’s in it? Where does it come from? Is it sustainably? Fair trade? All of these aspects of your product need to be displayed as people want to know and giving them that information will grow trust in your brand.

3. Customising

Marketing is about the audience, but that audience wants it to be about them. They want a marketing campaign that speaks to them and their lives. This can be achieved easier today and ever before with the amount of data that is at your disposal about demographics. It means that not only can your message be on point, but it can also be delivered at the precise time you want them to see it.

Make 2018 your year for marketing glory, if you want more specific advice for your next campaign we are available to talk. We are looking for excuses not to go to the gym too.

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Tips for Your Food Marketing Campaigns in 2018!