Setting Realistic Expectations for your Mission Marketing

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3 Milestones to Include In Your Marketing Plan!

As we described in an early blog, mission marketing is about using the core values and principals of an organisation to market. It is the marketing equivalent of wearing your heart on your sleeve. What this type of business vulnerability is rewarding it’s important to realise that it might not add another zero to the end of the bank balance right away.

As with all campaigns it’s important to set a schedule of milestones that you would like to hit on your way to the main objective.

Changing the customer’s thinking…

Whether you want to educate, expand the thoughts, or share more about your company. One of the most achieve milestones in mission marketing to let your audience know more about you. This can also lead to new customers that may not have known much about you before.

Expand markets…

Maybe 2018 is the year that you expand into new global markets. What better way to introduce yourself to these new markets than letting them know what your organisation stands for.

Customer Service

One of the most time-consuming aspects of running a business is customer service. Answering questions, even if the information is already on your website, can take away time from other business. Why not run a campaign that answers some of the most commonly asked question that your organisation is asked.

These are all obtainable milestones for your mission marketing but if you want to talk specifics for your campaign let us know.

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Mission Marketing Milestones & Planning