Fresh Colour: Using Colour to Move your Marketing Goals

how to use colour psychology in marketing - how colour affects sales - impact of colour on marketing and advertising

How to Use the Psychology of Colour in Marketing

There are always those campaigns that have solid messages or catching wording but for some reason don’t seem to be hitting homeruns with your audience. It could be something as simple as colour.

For some that might seem like a silly thing but think about it. If you were driving down the highway and there was a bland sign with a white background and dark grey text that said “You won a million dollars, call this number to claim” some people might see it (probably fewer believe it but it’s just an example.)

Now take that bland sign and change the background to an eye-catching hue, then bright red text. We bet that you would see the number of calls increase substantially. Now, this example might seem basic as the message wasn’t amazing, but you get the idea.

Colour is so important to your marketing goals as colours mean special things to you audience at a subconscious level. You only need to look at the colours used by some of the biggest companies in the world to see it in action.

This can be a bit of a “rabbit hole” topic as there are so many colours and shades but the basics are enough to get you started.


The neutral colour is a “clean” colour that gives the audience a sense of unaltered purity. Don’t see a lot of cleaning products use brown as their main colour.


Black is power! A timeless classy colour that demands authority but is stable and strong.


The eye grabber! Red is an important colour as it draws the eye and is exciting.


If you want to promote health, wellbeing, natural, calm and tranquil than this is your colour.


Peace, water, reliability; these are what blue represents in the minds of a lot of people.

Colour is an integral part of your campaign, and an easy troubleshoot for your campaign before heading back to the drawing board.

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Impact of Colour on Marketing – How Colours Affect Sales