Using Internet Trends to Sell Food

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Food Marketing Trends & Strategies

One of the biggest issues that a marketing needs to take into consideration in our modern times is how fast things move. In the Mad Men marketing era it could take months to get a marketing campaign right, mostly because the ad execs were taking martini lunches.

The internet has made marketing fun again but has turned the speed up to supersonic. Trends that people love this week will be considered “old hat” by next week so when it comes to marketing you need to hop on them quick.

Food marketing is a never-ending trade. While things like pet rocks and fidget spinners come and go we all still need to eat. Getting food messages to the masses is as important as ever. So how can you use internet trends to help sell food?

Culturally speaking…

A funny ad can help bring awareness to a campaign, especially in the days of the internet because if something goes “viral” it goes above and beyond your target audience. Following content makers on social media as well as MEME traffic means that you can tailor messages to the hot trend and when it changes you can change with it.

Make it easy…

One of the biggest internet trends that doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon is convenience. Services like Blue Apron have made food prep and delivery the forefront of what they do. If you can focus on what makes your product the most convenient and “cool” than you have a winner on your hands.

Of course, these are speaking of generic terms and you might need something a lot more specialized to help your campaign succeed. You can contact us at anytime to find out what we can do for you and your next campaign.

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How to Use Internet Trends to Sell Food